Ekphrastic Responses to The Visible Turn

This semester, poets from my Poetry 2 course wrestled for a couple of weeks with John Keats’s idea of “Negative Capability”—the “capability of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason”—and explored ways they might incorporate Keats’s idea into their own poetic practices. Their project, when they visited the USF […]

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Bosco Sodi’s Muro at USFCAM

Bosco Sodi and studio assistant John Rohrer begin to build a wall Students, USFCAM staff, and CAM Club volunteers help build Muro At 6:00 am on Thursday, January 24, under an unseasonal Florida drizzle, the artist Bosco Sodi began to build a wall outside of the USF Contemporary Art Museum. Along with his assistant John […]

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Art Thursday: Raise the Flags

On Thursday afternoon, a faint trumpet was playing in the distance near the Marshall Student Center. It was 7 PM when the Contemporary Art Museum event began and the accompanying trumpeter finished their tune, introducing the multi-media celebration which marked the end of the Raise the Flags: Pledges of Allegiance exhibition at CAM. The project […]

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