Art Thursday: Concert in the Galleries

As the semester winds down to the end, the Contemporary Art Museum presents the last of their events in relation to the Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition. On Thursday, November 1, CAM held Art Thursday: Concert in the Galleries at 7 PM. This event was in collaboration with USF Contemporary Chamber Music, who brought live performances to the museum, in response to the Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition.

While audience members were sporadically arriving, the first part of the night emphasized the Displaced series from Kratsman, as musicians played tunes of their own around the museum, tuning into each other, braiding their notes to construct a feeling of displacement from the instruments. A guitar strummed in the corner while a flute whispered near the front door. All of the sounds were misshapen, yet puzzled together.

The program started in the hall of the museum where Kratsman’s archive of two thousand portraits looked down towards the assortment of instruments in the middle of the gallery. Performances were done on pianos, xylophones, and even laptops. All forms of music were played for the sole purpose of creating a platform that displays Kratsman’s theme of individuality and visibility.

CAM’s final event of the semester was held on November 16 at 6 PM, called Film on the Lawn featuring the award winning documentary 5 Broken Cameras.

CAM encourages students to come out to all of their events and immerse themselves into the art and creativity that is continuously exhibited. If you missed any events from this semester, don’t worry! CAM will have a new exhibition installed for Spring 2019. It is never too late to come by and check out what CAM has to offer.

Autumn Oliver
B.A., English
College of Arts & Sciences
University of South Florida

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