5 Reasons Why You Should Connect With CAM

With the new semester already commencing for the students at the University of South Florida, there may be a developing interest to get involved. Luckily, this fall, the Contemporary Art Museum has at least five reasons why you should connect with them at all of their events for the next few months.

  1. CAM Is Close To Home.

The Week of Welcome at USF may have come and gone, but that should not stop you from knowing about the amazing Art + Ice event that happened on August 22nd. The students who were able to answer all of the scavenger hunt questions involving the Raise the Flags: Pledges of Allegiance at USFCAM exhibition or the Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition, were able to receive icy treats from Sno Mobile and entered to win prizes from CAM Club. Having CAM close to home allows attendance to their spectacular events easy. Mark your calendar for next year!

  1. Symposia.

The USF School of Music will be hosting an amazing afternoon discussion on October 11th focusing on politics and contemporary aesthetics raised by the Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition. Politics of the Portrait/Photography as Activism will be moderated by USFCAM curator-at-large Christian Viveros-Fauné. Afterwards, join the reception at CAM where light refreshments will be served and the Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition will be open.

  1. Art Thursdays.

Do you have a free Thursday coming up? If so, come connect with CAM on November 1st for Art Thursday: Concert in The Galleries. This live performance of existing and new musical scores will be presented in response to the Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition. Haven’t seen the new Miki Kratsman: People I Met exhibition? No worries! Come down to CAM before November and learn more about Kratsman, the artist, and the Israel-Palestine conflict to be fully prepared for the show Thursday night.

  1. Make your Mark.

If you are passing by USF’s acclaimed Bull Market on Wednesday, September 26th, then join CAM Club in participating in For Freedoms 50 State Initiative. Create a lawn sign that shows your own vision of freedom for public display outside of the museum. If you miss that Wednesday or want to bring friends to make their mark as well, you can partake in the initiative on October 17th and October 24th.

For Freedoms at the Zimmerli Art Museum
  1. Showtime.

On the 16th of November, bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and lots of snacks. The free outdoor showing of 5 Broken Cameras will be starting at 6 PM at the Contemporary Art Museum. If you went to any of the past events and are now thoroughly interested in the exhibition Miki Kratsman: People I Met, this awarded film is for you.

Autumn Oliver
B.A., English
College of Arts & Sciences
University of South Florida

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