As part of The University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum’s ongoing efforts to find new methods for sharing resources and creative capital with the community, USFCAM’s RE-FRAME is an initiative providing artists with used but still fully functional fine art frames.

USFCAM sponsored students from Howard W. Blake High School by building an art display wall, created using recycled construction materials and up-cycled fine art frames, for students to present their artworks at the 2018 Gasparilla Festival of the Arts.

Howard W. Blake High School is Hillsborough County’s Magnet Arts High School. It was re-opened in 1997 as a magnet school at its current location at 1701 N. Blvd. in Tampa. In the past 20 years the school has celebrated numerous awards and produced many accomplished alumni. Yellow Jacket pride comes from a combination of dedication to the arts, academics, and the community it serves.

The Visual Arts Department is the largest program at Blake High School, with 180 students enrolled in the program. Students are interviewed and accepted into the program based on their academic ability and art portfolios. The department offers photography (digital and traditional darkroom), drawing and painting, ceramics, sculpture, and metals courses along with advanced placement courses in art history and studio art.

The work shown is from drawing, painting, and photography students currently enrolled at Blake High School.

Project Partners:
Jesse Salter, Blake High School Principal
Molly Dressel and Linda Galgani, Blake 2D Visual Arts Instructors
Vincent J. Kral, USFCAM Chief Preparator

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