#MuseumAtWork Photographing Mickett/Stackhouse June 30

Starting at 1:30 pm on June 30, USFCAM will be photographing Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse’s prints, Silver Chrysanthemum and Topos, as part of the Museum at Work exhibition.

Donated to the USF Contemporary Art Museum in July of 2013 as an addition to the growing Robert Stackhouse Editions Archive, Silver Chrysanthemum is an intaglio/lithograph print that vividly captures a blend of dimensions as intense as the chrysanthemum flower itself.

Another print from this donation, Topos, is a relief that displays parallel yet subtly different symmetry. Two points, side by side, form the distinctness that characterizes Topos. Although it is the Greek word for “commonplace,” Topos is anything but.

Already photographed by CAM is Mickett and Stackhouse’s In Tandem Moon, an intaglio/relief that can soon be found on CAM’s online Stackhouse archive portfolio. One of the artists’ larger prints, In Tandem Moon is an ethereal rendition of the moon as we know it: shadowed, bright, and loving.

Is it aptly named? A tandem subject is one in which two separate objects are placed one in front of the other. At first glance, only one moon can be seen in the print, but if we step back to see the bigger picture, the moon floats ahead of another celestial surface- the grander, magnified view of itself. The artists show us two moons in aesthetic balance with one another and that is where the elegance lies.

Carol Mickett and Robert StackhouseIn Tandem Moon, 2013intaglio, relief31-7/8 x 63-5/8 in.
Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse. In Tandem Moon, 2013. intaglio, relief. 31-7/8 x 63-5/8 inches.

Join CAM on June 30 at 1:30 pm to witness the unique photo shoot of Silver Chrysanthemum and Topos. And remember to keep an eye out for these new additions to CAM’s online Stackhouse archive portfolio.

Kylene Harrington
English Undergraduate
USFCAM Intern Writer

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