It Comes To an End; New Beginnings

It’s Keesha again, my internship ended Friday, June 29, 2014 and I am a bit disappointed about it, but I leave you with this last blog post for A Different Frame of Mind. I had a wonderful experience throughout the whole process and learning from professional artists within a gallery space stationed at USFCAM.

Now that the show is completed in the West Gallery space, the exhibition mirrors the artists’ hard work and dedication for A Different Frame of Mind collectively. Reflecting from the beginning, I was unsure how the exhibition was going to turn out, but as the artists worked restlessly on their projects, I saw it come together beautifully.

When you enter the space, every piece is different by the use of materials, but reflect on the traditional aspect of a frame. The exhibition allowed Ariel Baron-Robbins, Mike Covello, Derek Curry and Jennifer Gradecki, David Gabbard, Janett Pulido, and Sam Robinson to break free from the traditional meaning of art by experimenting with the application of paint, color, and space. Their compositions are visually alluring within the space, making the viewers ask the same questions: “How did this happen? How did they do it?” Earlier in the weeks, many came to investigate the artists at work and responded well to the interaction. I urge you to take a second look at A Different Frame of Mind and question everything. Not everything is what is it seems.

I hope that this exhibition gives the exposure that these artist need for future commissions and has helped to expand their techniques for their future endeavors because this may be the end of their experience at A Different Frame of Mind, but it is a new beginning for all of us to think in a different the frame of mind.

Thank you your support to USFCAM with this unique experience for me and for all at the museum. I hope there are more like these exhibitions in the future.

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