Open Score | Student View Series

By Leonel Peon | IRA Intern | USF Freshman

The most interactive exhibition yet, Open Score features a collection of artwork straight out of a science fiction movie. Artists Ingrid Bachman, Luis Gómez, and Bill Vorn bring their inventions to life using technologies like sonar devices, video projections, and artificial intelligence. Unlike any other exhibition I have seen before, Open Score has a strong emphasis on the art of technology and introduces a new interaction between the viewer and the art pieces itself. I found myself going back and back again to the same piece trying to decipher the meaning behind it.

Mariano Sardón’s “Libros de Arena” was an art piece in particular that took me a while to wrap my head around. At first sight the “Book of Sands” appears to be a glass bucket filled with sand until one places their hand over the sand and a whole new fragment of the art puzzle is discovered. Projecting hypertext taken from the Web in relation to the movement of the visitor’s hands, the “Book of Sands” is a great example of the interactive process and ingenuity Open Score utilizes.

From “Hysterical Machines” that detect and react to the presence of viewers in the gallery, to a typewriter that must be hand cranked to generate a print, Open Score is truly a collaborative effort between the artwork and the guests themselves. Stimulating, original, and inspirational, Open Score brings the unnoticed motif of technology to the forefront in a beautiful way that I have never experienced before.

If you want more of Open Score check out our online brochure here>>>

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