USFCAM on The University Beat

Tune in to WUSF TV and WUSF FM radio for interviews on the current USFCAM exhibitions!

Check us out on the University Beat television and radio report looking at USFCAM’s two current exhibitions: The Andy Warhol Legacy Project and The Importance of Being Photographed. See below for the low-down on the down-low.

When to watch!
WUSF TV | channel 16
Tuesdays: October 22 and November 4
11:55am – noon
8:55pm – 9:00pm [replay]

When to listen!
WUSF Radio | 97.7 FM
Tuesday: October 30
After 6:30 and 8:30am
Thursday: November 1
After 5:40 pm

Also on….
WSMR radio | 89.1 FM
Friday: November 2
7:30 pm

By Leonel Peon

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