ART Thursday at USFCAM | The Andy Warhol Halloween Party

Art Thursday at USFCAM | Warhol Halloween Party

By Leonel Peon ~ USF Freshman

The USF Contemporary Art Museum is no stranger to the party scene. As part of CAM’s new event series known as “ART Thursdays”, the Andy Warhol Halloween Party paid homage to one of the most legendary figures in the art world. Students dressed up emulating and celebrating Andy Warhol’s success.

The costumes were wacky, but fun and creative. There was a guy walking around with no pants and even somebody in an entire full body spandex suit. There was a variety of performances ranging from a guy eating Tootsie Rolls representing the art of “consumption” to several dance art performances imitating some of the photography in the art museum.

The party came equipped with its own personal DJ, a piñata filled with candy and condoms, and a special appearance by the Dean of the College of the Arts, Dr. Moy. And you can’t forget about the free food and lemonade selection.

Nevertheless, it was a great turnout, and I’m sure CAM would have made the legend himself proud.

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