USF MFA Student Exhibition 2012 | Megan Hildebrandt

Megan Hildebrandt | USF MFA 2012
Counting Radiation Series, graphite and ink on paper, 30 x 50 in ea, 2012.

Once again we are featuring a few of our talented graduating MFA students from the University of South Florida Art & Art History program. The first profile is featured below!

Artist Profile | Megan Hildebrandt
Artist Megan Hildebrandt was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1984. In 2009, she was given a life-altering cancer diagnosis. As a result, much of her recent work has been dedicated to documenting her life through what she calls “autobiographical drawings.” Her Counting Radiation Series references her understanding of “mortality and vitality.” In her artist statement she says:

…I am interested in physical and psychological endurance, and the ways in which we document the passage of time…at age 27, I have been exposed to 16 lifetimes worth of radiation due to my cancer treatment regimen, which involved many head and neck CT scans. This was alarming news….

Megan Hildebrandt | Counting Radiation Series | detail

Counting Radiation on paper is a way of controlling my fear. I am counting to harness it, tallying to transform it. To repeat a mark is to move a step further toward taming my history and future. To represent an invisible harm is to erase it, to exorcise it. I am tallying time, drawing a large desert that shifts perspectives: a landscape that rolls, tumbles, and caves in.

The Counting Radiation Series is now showing at the Sand in the Vacuum 2012 MFA Graduation Exhibition. You can also see additional works on her blog here: Megan Hildebrandt.

MFA 2012 Student Exhibition | Sand in the Vacuum | USFCAM | closes May 5, 2012

USFCAM is currently exhibiting Sand in the Vacuum which includes work from all 2012 MFA graduating students. Be sure to visit USFCAM before the show closes on May 5, 2012!

Megan Hildebrandt Website:

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