Student View | Sneak Peek at the MFA Exhibition Tonight!

By Ashley Martinez

Sand In The Vacuum opens tonight, March, 30 at 7:00 PM. And I, Graphicstudio blogger and intern, Ashley Martinez, pulled a Pink Panther and snuck in before the opening.

Now, all I have is a few pictures (before I was escorted out by security ;)), but please enjoy a couple of my favorite works that I saw on display.

Megan Hildebrandt | Counting Radiation

This is artist, Megan Hildebrandt’s Counting Radiation. I have seen some of Hildebrandt’s work before, and much of it relates to her experience and survival of cancer. What I love of this work is it expresses a term called “Trauma Time.” Trauma time is an encircling of traumatic experience. It is an emotional feeling and attachment to memory, which requires a victim to have their memories oscillate in a circular way, even though time is moving forward, they still are experiencing Trauma.

Hildebrandt’s artwork is a direct reflection of this experience. Her piece shows the tallying of each treatment, the endless lines layer each other, vary in size, spiraling into the abyss. I believe it is safe to say, each of these tallys are not a direct representation and count of how many treatment’s Hildebrandt has experienced, yet one cannot deny this representation as false. This is what she has felt. Her feelings and attitudes toward such an experience, at one time had enveloped her.

USF MFA Student Artwork

I did not get the author’s name or the title of this artwork, but I love the visual metaphor. Rarely, have I seen an exploration of machismo expressed through art. This artwork combats the gendered performance of the male side of the gender binary to the “T”. Gasoline, cars are represented, slick oil, dark colors, motorcycles, a female’s figure rising from rubber tires. What is a more brilliant statement that this cumulation of male attributes within one installation that it is attached to a ball and chain (balls that are a visual representation of the male testes).

I don’t think this statement could be more clear. If you are a man by sex, your gender must be masculine, and fit these criteria and interests. If you don’t you are not a man. And if you would like to consider yourself a man, you must follow it. You are bound to it.

Come tonight and check out work from all the USF MFA grad students! Free beverages and delectables will be served, while supplies last!

Sand in the Vacuum | MFA 2012 Graduation Exhibition
Opening Reception
+ 36th Annual Student Show Awards
Tonight! (March 30, 2012)
7:00 – 9:00pm
USF Contemporary Art Museum

More here:

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