Mark Dion : Troubleshooting featured on WUSF!

WUSF’s University Beat, has been hard at work on a two-part series on the “STEM” efforts here on the USF campus. What is STEM? Well, if you ask some, it’s not Anthropology. But, actually, it’s a part of a plan that has been designed to make young people more competitive in the marketplace, and it’s a major focus of newly outlined educational goals for Florida.

The acronym STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This is the impetus for a short WUSF series that looks into STEM related action on campus. Naturally, this led the reporters to the USFCAM, and the current exhibition Mark Dion : Troubleshooting. Story video below and full story here!

Mark Dion discusses the exhibition’s title “Troublehooting.”

Jane Simon gives a run down on a few upcoming events related to the exhibition.

You can learn more about STEM by listening to part one of the WUSF series. And you can catch the Mark Dion : Troubleshooting exhibition through March 3, 2012 at USFCAM.

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