Mark Dion : Troubleshooting | Opens Friday!

Mark Dion: Troubleshooting | Opens January 13th @ USFCAM

My art asks you to think about both nature and sculpture not as objects, but as processes. ~ Mark Dion

Neukom Vivarium by Mark Dion | Olympic Sculpture Park | Seattle Art Museum
If a tree falls in a forest, an artist finds it, removes it, re-houses it within a structure which has been designed to emulate its original environment that attempts to re-create it’s eco-system, and the building exists in the middle of a bustling city, is it art? Is it plant cruelty? Is this tree an ambassador for all trees? Or a victim of the processes man has used to understand and control it?
Those are just a few of the sorts of questions you may have asked after viewing a Mark Dion work Neukom Vivarium currently on view at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park. The work was featured on the PBS series Art 21 “Ecology” and is just one of many provocative works from Dion.

This Friday, USFCAM presents you with an opportunity to discover new work from Mark Dion. The show entitled Mark Dion : Troubleshooting continues his explorations of knowledge, history, science, collection, institutional ideologies and exhibiting art. During your visit you may find yourself developing your own series of questions about nature, art, and the processes by which we study them. The show might inspire the environmentally interested to ask questions like; What are the risks to our environment when we try to manage (or manipulate) using processes that appear to frequently cause unintended harms? If we can’t manage our environment effectively, how can the Earth accommodate 7-billion humans without destroying delicate eco-systems in the process? Is it possible for humans to effectively protect all current natural species? Is what is we call natural -or scientific- today, the same as it was in 1850?

So, if you’re up for some eco-historical soul-searching — or if you just used to play with Fischer-Price Adventure sets when you were a kid — come on by the museum to check out Mark Dion: Troubleshooting exhibition. The show will be on view through March 3rd, 2012 at USFCAM.

About Mark Dion
For decades, Mark Dion has created drawings, prints, cabinets of curiosity, archaeological digs, and sprawling installations about the discrepancy between perceived knowledge and scientific inquiry. His works have addressed famous intellectuals in history, such as William Bartram, as well as important social and environmental sites, most recently the fragile Florida Everglades. Mark Dion: Troubleshooting is a focused survey of his ecologically-themed works.

Details Here : Mark Dion: Troubleshooting | Opens January 13, 2012

Mark Dion | Videos
Some clips from the PBS Art21 special on Dion. You can watch the full episode here. Or enjoy the short clips below.

Upcoming Events for Mark Dion : Troubleshooting

Friday, January 13th

Conversation with the Artist | Mark Dion and Rene Morales
Discussion among the artist, Mark Dion, and curators Rene Morales and Jane Simon. Mark Dion is a world-renowned artist whose work addresses the gulf between popular perception and scientific inquiry. Morales was involved with the realization of Dion’s South Florida Wildlife Rescue Unit, and Simon is the curator of Mark Dion: Troubleshooting.
When: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Where: USF Theatre2 / THR

Opening Reception | Mark Dion: Troubleshooting
Join us to celebrate the exhibition opening with the artist and curators.
When: 7:00 – 9:00pm
Where: USF Contemporary Art Museum / CAM

Monday, February 6th

Laura Ogden Book Talk
Talk by the author of the new ethnographic study Swamplife: People, Gators and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades. Ogden will be introduced by USFCAM curator Jane Simon. Co-sponsored by the Tampa Bay History Center, and the USF Anthropology Department.
Where: Tampa Bay History Center
When: 6:00pm

Friday, February 10

Studying People, Places, and Systems: Ecology and Academic Pursuits
This colloquium will feature artist Mark Dion; Amelia Shevenell, Assistant Professor of Geological Oceanography, USF College of Marine Science; and Christian Wells, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Director of the USF Office of Sustainability. Moderated by USFCAM curator Jane Simon
Where: USF School of Music Concert Hall
When: 10am – noon

SYCOM: Music for Troubleshooting
“Music for Troubleshooting” is a two hour concert of electronic music created in response to the exhibition, Mark Dion: Troubleshooting. SYCOM composers worked in groups to create music meant to be heard in conjunction with the art that inspired it.
When: 7:00 to 9:00pm

Art Thursdays

Thursday, February 16

Gallery Talk and Scavenger Hunt
Enjoy CAM after dark with a gallery talk by curator Jane Simon, a scavenger hunt, refreshments, and a DJ. This fun and exciting event makes the art of looking and seeing a game.
When: 6:00-8:00pm

Thursday, March 1
Student Research Showcase
CAM stays open late for USF students to give brief presentations of their research on Florida’s history and environment in response to Mark Dion: Troubleshooting
When: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Mark Dion | The South Florida Wildlife Rescue Unit: Mobile Laboratory, 2006
Mark Dion | The South Florida Wildlife Rescue Unit: Mobile Laboratory, 2006

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