Student Review | Talent Show Colloquium

By Ashley Martinez

The Intra-Venus tapes includes a set of 16 two-hour tapes, chronicling the last few years of artist, Hannah Wilkes’ last years with lymphoma. The tapes can be viewed as part of The Talent Show currently on exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum.

November 2nd, in the MUS Recital Hall, The Talent Show Colloquium II took place, giving response to Wilkes’ tapes. Two of the four panelists included Megan Hildebrandt, artist and MFA student and Donna Peterson, Dean of the USF College of Public Health.

Megan Hildebrandt gave commentary of her own experience with lymphoma, after being diagnosed at the age of twenty-five. Hildebrandt described feelings of isolation as a cancer patient, by describing her doctors as “vampires,” for taking so many blood samples. She also described the impersonal feeling of being escorted through various treatments receiving instructions from automated machines, rather than people.

Donna Peterson, Dean of the USF College of Public Health, drew contrast and parallels, between Wilke’s Intra-Venus Tapes and her occupation in the Public Health World– an arena that requires looking at communities, statistics and numbers, rather than the individual. In comparison to Peterson’s occupation, Wilke’s tapes are intimately personal (i.e displaying nudity and even her own fecal matter). When an audience member asked Peterson if Wilke’s tapes were too intimate, Peterson replied, “Hiding it or not talking about it isn’t helpful to anybody.”

The Colloquium panelists, served to provide different perspectives on Wilke’s piece, each member having an experience with lymphoma personally, or interpersonally.

Note: The next Talent Show Event is Coming Soon!

The Talent Show
Magic Base Performance Parade
Friday, November 18

One of several participatory artworks included in The Talent Show, Piero Manzoni’s interactive Magic Base – Living Sculpture invites visitors to step up onto a pedestal and perform. The Magic Base Performance Parade, a CAM educational program, extends the spirit of Manzoni’s sculpture out into the USF community. Join us for a roving tour of participatory, performance-based works and works-in-progress at departments across USF’s Tampa campus.

Click here for the Magic Base Performance Parade tour schedule.

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