Kate Gilmore “Buster” Installation | Time Lapse Video

Who doesn’t love time-lapse video? Well, maybe the Pennsylvania Dutch, who make great pastry items and ice cream, but shun fancy technology. You know, maybe the Amish are on to something. It is certainly possible to get the appeal of a simpler life, and it’s certainly a more sustainable lifestyle than what most of us have going on. Plus, they don’t pay taxes. Of course, they don’t get social security either, but neither may we. They raise barns as a team, which is better than paying somebody cash-money to build it. Anyway, as we all explore the many opportunities life affords us, perhaps it’s a lifestyle to consider!

But for now, those of us not embracing the plain and simple life, will just keep on enjoying the marvels of modern technology, like time-lapse video from the “Stagecraft” show at USFCAM (which ends tomorrow!). We put up our cameras to capture every moment of the set build for the Kate Gilmore piece, “Buster.” Our video below includes the actual on-site audio as well! It made for some interesting sounds from our gallery. Sped up for a super kewl synthesized quality. Check it out below!



More about Kate Gilmore
“Kate Gilmore’s work explores themes of displacement, struggle, and female identity. She is the sole protagonist in her performative videos, in which she attempts to conquer self-constructed obstacles” says a page about her work in the Whitney 2010 Biennial. You can see more of her work on her personal website, or read through the outpouring of critical acclaim bestowed upon her from the creative press.

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