Did You Miss Out on “Art and Ice”? Don’t Miss This!

USF students line up for free 'snowballs' outside of the USFCAM

Yesterday we had a full house at the USFCAM for our annual Week of Wonder event. This year we offered up an “Art and Ice” theme… complete with deliciously refreshing ‘snowballs‘ outside and some deliciously provocative contemporary art inside.

Over 200 Students Served
Snowballs are people! Just kidding. That should probably read “Over 200 Snowballs Served”…anyway, we were lucky we didn’t run out of snowballs yesterday. We served well over 200 HOT (yeah hot!) USF students an icy treat.

The gallery was also bustling with students who took in our current USFCAM “Stagecraft” exhibition. Many of the smarties in attendance also took part in our art smarts challenge, competing for prizes donated by our good friends at AOE Artworld.

"Art and Ice" event at USFCAM

They say you can’t turn back time… Cher can’t even do it… she wishes she could so that she could ‘find a way,’ but she can’t. But you, on the other hand, still have a chance. If you missed out on the excitement and refreshments yesterday, you can still catch up with the “Stagecraft” exhibition before it closes on September 10th! 

Tomorrow we are having a reception for the “Stagecraft” show AND we have invited some special guests to the campus so that they might share their wisdom and insights on the work in our current USFCAM show. Details below:

Conversation with the Artist | Kate Gilmore

Conversation with Artist Kate Gilmore, Scholars Elizabeth Bell and Stacey Holman-Jones, and Stagecraft Curator David Louis Norr; moderated by Megan Voeller

Friday, August 26
6:00 pm

Followed by Stagecraft Reception
7:00 pm- 9:00 pm
USF Contemporary Art Museum (refreshments served)

Download event flyer pdf | For more information call (813) 974–4133

USF Contemporary Art Museum
Click for map and directions

Don’t Miss Out on Stagecraft | Closes September 10th
We are coming to the end of the run of the “Stagecraft” show. If you want to catch the show, you’ll have to get into the USF Contemporary Art Museum before September 8th! If you’re planning ahead, “The Talent Show” exhibition is scheduled to open Friday, September 30th.

Kate Gilmore's work at the USFCAM exhibition "Stagecraft"

A Newsworthy Newsletter
The College of the Arts has a great newsletter (Your Arts Events Guide) that keeps you up to date on *most* of the on campus Arts events. It’s nice and short, and only goes out every 10 days our or so – and it only includes 10 days of events. So, if you like to wait for the ‘bigger better deal’ or if you at least want to know where everyone is going to be this week, sign up for Arts Events updates here. Just select “Arts – Next 10 Days (Email Only)” and you’ll be up to date and in the know!

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