Opening Report | Trenton Doyle Hancock “We Done All We Could and None of It’s Good”

Leavengood Gallery at USFCAM
[ Visitors in the USFCAM Leavengood Gallery for the Trenton Doyle Hancock show ]

A Big Opening!
The house was running over with visitors to the Trenton Doyle Hancock “We Done All We Could and None of It’s Good” opening. We served up some BBQ sliders, and of course plenty of beverages to accompany the fine fixins. We estimate we had around 500 visitors to the opening. And each visitor had between 2 and 5 sliders. Just kidding. But no joke, the show was buzzing with excitement. You can hear it in the video below.

[ A :25 scene from the “We Done All We Could and None of It’s Good” opening night at USFCAM ]

VIP Visitors
Most of our opening events bring in students and faculty, community art lovers, and local collectors. For Trenton’s show, we also had visitors from around the US, and even the UK. We were very happy to welcome these special guests to the show, and their own private VIP review of the work.

VIP opening toast!
[ VIPs enjoyed an early champagne toast and got a sneak preview and tour of the opening ]

Student View
This show may have been particularly suited to the student population here at USF, who seemed to very much enjoy the narrative, color, and funk. We will be featuring a few student reviews of the show as a part of our Student View series. Watch for those posts over the next couple weeks!

Trenton Doyle Hancock at USFCAM
[ USF students investigate a Trenton Doyle Hancock work during the opening at USFCAM ]

There is Still Time!
And if you haven’t seen it yet, you still have time to come and enjoy the show. We will have it up and running through March 10, 2011. Click here for details and directions.

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