What’s Goin’ Down at the USFCAM? Trenton Doyle Hancock Show Opens Soon!

Trenton Doyle Hancock prepares for "We Done All We Could and None of it's Good" opening at USFCAM
Trenton Doyle Hancock | We Done All We Could and None of it's Good | Opens at USFCAM January 14, 2011

Why is this fella painting all over the USFCAM walls? And why isn’t anybody stopping him?!

Because he’s an artist, and only artists get to do that legally. It’s one of the perks you get for being very talented. So who is this gifted guy? It’s none other than Trenton Doyle Hancock! His show We Done All We Could and None of It’s Good opens in one week at the USFCAM.

Trenton Doyle Hancock | Life and Work
Trenton Doyle Hancock was born in 1974 in Oklahoma City, OK and raised in Paris, Texas. Trenton studied at Texas A&M where he received his BFA, and also received an MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.

Trenton creates prints, drawings, and collaged felt paintings which tell stories of a fantastical nature. The characters which populate his imaginary worlds include the Mounds, half-animal, half-plant creatures, which are preyed upon by evil beings called Vegans. The usual meaning of the word vegan is a human who avoids leather, meat, milk and other products considered by the vegan lifestyle to be unethical, but in Trenton’s work these people with their ethical lifestyle are merely being used by these “vegan” creatures. The style of Trenton’s paintings and other visual work appears to be influenced by abstract expressionism, surrealism and “bad art”.

Trenton Doyle Hancock | From a Legend to a Choir | Dallas Cowboy Stadium
Trenton Doyle Hancock | From a Legend to a Choir | Dallas Cowboy Stadium

If you watch Monday Night Football (and what art enthusiast doesn’t?) you may have caught a glimpse of Hancock’s work at the new Cowboy’s stadium in Dallas. It may be true that NFL announcers rarely mention art, but John Gruden and friends took the time to go into detail about the quality of the contemporary works included at the stadium.

There is little data on the subject, but it may just be the only art ever referenced during a broadcast NFL game. There is the possible exception of Dennis Miller’s brief foray into sports broadcasting. Either way, the stadium now features a spectacular 40-foot x 108-foot mural created by Hancock. The mural is viewed by approximately 100,000 people on each Cowboy game day.

Trenton Doyle Hancock | A Better Promise | Seattle Art Museum
Trenton Doyle Hancock | A Better Promise | Seattle Art Museum

Trenton also has a site-specific installation at Olympic Sculpture Park at the Seattle Art Museum in Washington (photo courtesy of Dunn and Brown Contemporary). He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Whitney Biennial (2000 and 2002) and is represented in numerous private and public collections. His work has also been featured on PBS’s Art 21.

Trenton stands with work created at USF Graphicstudio
Trenton stands with work he created at USF Graphicstudio

Additionally, Trenton has worked here at USF Graphicstudio producing several print editions and the very popular Flower Bed II: A Prelude to Damnation 3-D glow-in-the-dark wallpaper (shown above). You can see, and even purchase, some of his work right here on campus.

Clearly, Trenton certainly hasn’t done all he could yet. In addition to his exhibition at USFCAM, he also has an upcoming exhibition of large-scale works which will open Summer 2011 at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute.

See, Hear, Meet Trenton Doyle Hancock on Campus at USF!
So catch him while you can! Your very own USFCAM museum is giving you a unique chance to see his work, hear him speak, and meet him in person. Check out the schedule of events below.

We Done All We Could and None of It’s Good Event Schedule:

Trenton Doyle Hancock, It Takes Two
Trenton Doyle Hancock | We Done All We Could and None of It's Good | January 14 - March 10, 2011

January 14 – March 10, 2011
USF Contemporary Art Museum (see hours, get directions)

Friday, January 14th

Conversation with the Curator & Artist
When: 6:00–7:00pm
Where: FAH101 – College of The Arts
What: Curator David Louis Norr and artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, moderated by Megan Voeller, IRA Curatorial Assistant.
Bonus: Every attendee to the ‘Conversation’ will receive a FREE Artist Designed Limited Edition Collectible Hand Fan!

Trenton Doyle Hancock |Reception for the Artist
When: 7:00–9:00pm
Where: CAM101 – USF Contemporary Art Museum Click for map and directions
Bonus: Food and beverages, plus meet the artist and curator.

Thursday, February 3

Curator’s Tour with David Louis Norr
Where: USF Contemporary Art Museum – CAM
What: Join IRA Chief Curator David Louis Norr in a tour of the Trenton Doyle Hancock exhibition.

Friday, February 25

Colloquium: Trenton Doyle Hancock: Narrative Practices
When: 10:00am–Noon
Where: FAH101 – College of The Arts
What: Participants from disciplines across the University of South Florida and beyond respond to a series of dialogues between Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock and Curator David Louis Norr; moderated by IRA curatorial assistant, Megan Voeller.

Want to Draw on a Museum Wall?
If you’d really love to draw all over the wall of a museum someday, check out the USF College of the Arts website for your ticket to draw, paint, photograph, sing, dance, etc.

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