What’s Wrong with Stupid and Ugly?

Wired Magazine Photo from article: Bruce Mau Wants to Redesign the World [photo via Wired Magazine]

What’s wrong with stupid and ugly, and what’s all this talk about Bruce Mau?

We are all talking about Bruce Mau because he’s going to be the first speaker in the Distinguished Lecture Series which has been put together by the USF College of the Arts. We’ll have more on this series at another time, but for now let’s focus on Mr. Bruce Mau. Below is a short (just 10 minutes!) video about Bruce Mau from the internets.

A compilation of early Bruce Mau interviews and tv appearances. Featuring clips from Massive Change, Life style, Stress and the Charlie Rose show.

Meet Bruce Mau in person, tonight, right here on the USF Tampa campus!

Details about Bruce Mau Live Event @USF!
Who: Bruce Mau
What: An interactive conversation about design
When: 7:00pm tonight (Thursday, September 2)
Where: USF Campus TAT
Why: For insight and inspiration

Bruce Mau Links:
Bruce Mau Design Tumblr Blog
Bruce Mau Design
Wired Magazine : Meet Bruce Mau, He Wants to Redesign the World
Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

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