Art and Ice : Week of Welcome

Art and Ice EventWe very much enjoyed our WoW event yesterday! We gave away over 200 New Orleans style snow balls and had a blast doing it. If you’d like to get a New Orleans style snow ball again, you can check out their location on Treasure Island.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to look around the Carlos Garaicoa show on Wednesday. You’ll have plenty more opportunities. The show will be open until December 11th. So, if you’ve got a great parking spot and a little time between classes, we’ve got a great place for you to hang out and enjoy some contemporary art.

More Free Food and Beverages!
You’ll also get another opportunity to get some free grub and beverages at the opening (tomorrow) on Friday, August 27th!

About the Prizes!

  • If your test form was correct, it will be added to the pool and we will select a winner at random in just a few days.
  • If you were one of the first five to a photo of USFCAM on Facebook or Tweet @USFCAM you will be notified within a few days about how to claim your prize.

Fun Event Photos!
In case you missed it, or had the great pleasure of being photographed at the museum, here are a few photos of the event!

USF flavored snowball
A USF student enjoys a USF Flavored snow ball. Carmel and sour apple.
(snow ball may have belonged to a student who was too shy to hold it for a photograph)

Photogenic happy customers!

Art and Ice
And there was art…

Thanks for your support AOE!
Thanks to our sponsors AOE!

Art and ice
Thanks very much to our volunteers from the Honors College!

[ more photos here ]

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