A Lovely Night at Graphicstudio…

Tonight the students from Art, Art History, and Architecture shared some of their work – and themselves – at the annual MFA Welcome Back dinner. Each student had two minutes to talk about their work along with a photo or two of recent projects.

Carlos Garaicoa work

All those in attendance were treated to some thoughtful and engaging works from their MFA colleagues. The talent runs the gamut, so be sure to make it to the MFA show at the end of the year.

Director Margaret Miller also talked about recent work published by USF Graphicstudio, as well as upcoming shows at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. Next on the list of impressive installations, Carlos Garaicoa: La enmienda que hay en mí (Making Amends) which will run August 23 – December 11, 2010.

[ Image Right : Work from cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa who’s show will open Monday, August 23rd at the USFCAM ]

Photos from the party below:

Designs collide.
Biffs shirt meets Trenton Doyle Hancock wallpaper

Is the Seth learning?
Our intern Seth… we’ll miss him!

Jerk Hut chow
Food from Jerk Hut was plentiful… We even had “to go” containers for the leftovers.

[ A few more photos on our Flickr page ]

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